About Bailey

Drum Teacher in Boulder Colorado

Bailey Cecil

I was first turned on to drumming in the 8th grade.  My best friend had a kit at his house and I was immediately hooked.  Being an avid music fan, I was able to teach myself how to play along to my favorite songs, especially Rush and Led Zeppelin.

I played in various bands while I was in college on the west coast, but nothing too serious as I was focused on graduating.  Upon graduation, I continued playing casually.  It wasn’t until I saw TOOL at Red Rocks (1998) that I decided to get serious.  I was blown away by Danny Carey’s drumming!  It inspired me to  enroll at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA  in 2000.

After graduating from Musician’s Institute Encore program, I was ready to start performing and teaching.   To this day, I continue to play in various acts in the Denver/Boulder area.  Along the way, I  also spent a summer working at Doghouse Music Rock and Roll Camp in Louisville, CO.

Now in my eleventh year of teaching, I’m still at it and still love it!